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Kitchens of India’s full line of ready-to-eat meals, curries, sauces and much more encompass ancient recipes of India. The master chefs or India collaborated with the brand so that these old world flavors could be taken home to kitchens all around the world.

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Shredded Mango Chutney
UPC 841905030422
Net Weight 11.40 OZ
Sweet Sliced Mango Chutney
UPC 841905030125
Net Weight 10.50 OZ
Butter Chicken Curry Paste
UPC 841905020218
Net Weight 3.50 oz
Chicken Curry Paste
UPC 841905020614
Net Weight 3.50 oz
Tikka Masala Curry Paste
UPC 841905020713
Net Weight 3.50 oz
Ready to Eat Meals
Aloo Mutter – Diced Potato and Pea Curry
UPC 841905011117
Net Weight 10.00 oz
Dal Bukhara – Black Lentil Curry
UPC 841905010110
Net Weight 10.00 oz
Pav Bhaji – Mashed Vegetable Curry
UPC 841905010714
Net Weight 10.00 oz
Pindi Chana – Chick Pea Curry
UPC 841905010813
Net Weight 10.00 oz
Rajma Masala – Red Kidney Bean Curry
UPC 841905010516
Net Weight 10.00 OZ
Yellow Dal Tadka – Split Lentil Curry
UPC 841905010912
Net Weight 10.00 oz

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