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Dr. Woods offers natural and affordable personal care products, including castile soaps, black soaps, soaps with organic shea butter and facial cleansers. No animal ingredients, no lauryl/laureth sulfates, paraben and phthalate free – never tested on animals.

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Bar Soaps
Coconut Milk Bar Soap
UPC 689191560335
Net Weight 5.25 OZ
Ginger Citrus Bar Soap
UPC 689191560243
Net Weight 5.25 OZ
Lavender Bar Soap
UPC 689191560182
Net Weight 5.25 OZ
Raw Black Exfoliating Body Bar Soap
UPC 689191560137
Net Weight 5.25 OZ
Skin Lightening Rose Bar Soap
UPC 689191560311
Net Weight 5.25 OZ
Unscented Baby Mild Bar Soap
UPC 689191560229
Net Weight 5.25 OZ
Castile Soaps
Almond Castile Soap – 32 FL OZ
UPC 689191512037
Net Weight 32.00 OZ
Baby Mild Castile Soap – 32 FL OZ
UPC 689191512358
Net Weight 32.00 OZ
Lavender Castile Soap – 32 FL OZ
UPC 689191512006
Net Weight 32.00 OZ
Peppermint Castile Soap – 32 FL OZ
UPC 689191512020
Net Weight 32.00 OZ
Tea Tree Castile Soap – 32 FL OZ
UPC 689191512044
Net Weight 32.00 OZ
Facial Soaps
Black Soap Facial Cleanser
UPC 689191530239
Net Weight 8.00 OZ
Tea Tree Facial Cleanser
UPC 689191530260
Net Weight 8.00 OZ

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