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For almost 50 years, Sylvia Woods has served authentic southern cuisine at her world famous Harlem restaurant – earning her the title Queen of Soul Food. The secret recipes that made her Harlem restaurant famous are now available for great soul food at home.

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Black Eye Peas
UPC 608623000300
Net Weight 15.00 OZ
Field Peas with Snaps
UPC 608623000331
Net Weight 15.00 OZ
Bread Mixes
Golden Cornbread and Muffin Mix
UPC 608623000805
Net Weight 8.50 OZ
Canned Vegetables
Collard Greens
UPC 608623000348
Net Weight 14.50 OZ
Mixed Greens
UPC 608623000393
Net Weight 14.50 OZ
Mustard Greens
UPC 608623000362
Net Weight 14.50 oz
Turnip Greens
UPC 608623000355
Net Weight 14.50 OZ
Yams in Light Syrup
UPC 608623000379
Net Weight 15.00 OZ
Dessert Mixes
Apple Crisp Mix
UPC 608623001079
Net Weight 8.00 OZ
Peach Cobbler Mix
UPC 608623001024
Net Weight 9.00 OZ
Fry Mixes
Chicken Fry Mix
UPC 608623000836
Net Weight 10.00 OZ
Fish Fry Mix
UPC 608623000829
Net Weight 10.00 OZ
Hush Puppies Mix
UPC 608623000843
Net Weight 10.00 OZ
Kicking Hot, Hot Sauce
UPC 608623000034
Net Weight 6.00 OZ
Sweet Cookin Dippin Moppin Sauce
UPC 608623000027
Net Weight 16.00 OZ
Triple Strength Hot Sauce
UPC 608623000065
Net Weight 6.00 OZ
Spices & Seasonings
Chicken Rub
UPC 608623000676
Net Weight 4.00 OZ
Great Greens Seasoning
UPC 608623000621
Net Weight 5.25 OZ
Hot Spice Sizzlin’
UPC 608623000515
Net Weight 5.50 OZ
Lemon Pepper
UPC 608623000522
Net Weight 5.50 OZ
Pure Black Pepper
UPC 608623000553
Net Weight 3.25 OZ
Rib Rub ‘n More Seasoning
UPC 608623000683
Net Weight 5.50 OZ
Secret Seasoning
UPC 608623000539
Net Weight 1.50 OZ
Soulful Seasoned Salt
UPC 608623000508
Net Weight 7.00 OZ

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