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We are a healthy plant-based snack with a great taste! We believe that sometimes the best things are the simplest things. That’s why our pouches are made from REAL fruit, with NO artificial ingredients, NO concentrates, and 0g of added sugars.

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Fruit Pouches
Apple & Cinnamon Blended Fruits Pouch
UPC 854417002191
Net Weight 3.20 oz
Apple Orchard Blend Blended Fruits Pouch
UPC 810387021556
Net Weight 3.20 oz
Banana & Apple Blended Fruit Pouch – 4 Pack
UPC 810387021532
Net Weight 12.8 OZ
Banana & Apple Blended Fruits Pouch
UPC 854417002160
Net Weight 3.20 oz
Blueberry & Apple Blended Fruits Pouch
UPC 810387021419
Net Weight 3.20 OZ
Multifruit & Apple Blended Fruits Pouch
UPC 854417002177
Net Weight 3.20 OZ
Strawberry & Apple Blended Fruits Pouch
UPC 854417002184
Net Weight 3.2 OZ
Fruit Spreads
Concord Grape Organic Fruit Spread
UPC 039600000127
Net Weight 13 OZ
Mango Organic Fruit Spread
UPC 039600000110
Net Weight 13 OZ
Strawberry Organic Fruit Spread
UPC 039600000103
Net Weight 13 OZ

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