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Good Catch

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Good Catch exists to create delicious food and make plant-based options accessible to everyone. We want to provide a choice for more conscious living. Good Catch is here to champion the environment, protect human and animal welfare, and to provide a solution for the complex issues the world faces regarding our oceans. We never forget that it’s our job to make the planet better for our children.

Good Catch offers so much more than a sea-worthy taste experience. You’ll enjoy a protein-rich, nutrient-dense entrée packed with beneficial omegas. Good Catch tastes so much like real seafood, you’ll wonder how we did it. What’s the secret to this plant-powered deliciousness? We start with our proprietary six-legume blend, brimming with flavorful protein, and create the unmistakable light, flaky texture of fine seafood. We then add another star ingredient to lend its superb umami flavor––sea algae oil––rich in DHA, an essential omega-3 fatty acid.All Good Catch foods are 100% plant-based. No dairy, no gluten, absolutely no GMOs, and no worries about shellfish allergens, mercury, plastic or microfibers. Just sit back and savor the Good Catch flavor.

Chef inspired fish-free meals

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