World Finer Foods wins Silver Vega Award for Website Redesign

November 06, 2023
World Finer Foods wins Silver Vega Award for Website Redesign
World Finer Foods, a leading company in the premium food, beverage, and personal care industry, identified the need for a website redesign to enhance usability, engagement, and brand perception. To accomplish this, they approached QNY Creative to create a visually captivating and functional website that would reflect the brand’s personality with a strong corporate character.

The primary goal of the website redesign was to become a hub for all World Finer Foods brands, where consumers and stakeholders can find all the information about the business while elevating the user experience both on desktop and mobile. Simplicity became the core element of modern design, ensuring that the website’s interface was clean and intuitive. Through the usage of high-quality imagery and engaging infographics, QNY aimed to deliver visually appealing content that conveyed the brand’s story and captured users’ attention.

Throughout the website, QNY focused on showcasing the company’s versatile brand and product portfolio to attract potential buyers and other business stakeholders.

Understanding that accessibility and a good navigation flow were vital, QNY implemented a website that not only serves as a virtual portfolio for external visitors but also has a resources area reserved only for sales representatives, through a login access.

By merging aesthetics and functionality, QNY Creative successfully relaunched World Finer Foods’ website, improving the user experience and infusing the interface with a more corporate look, bringing the brand to a new era.

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About World Finer Foods

World Finer Foods (WFF), based in Bloomfield, New Jersey, is a leading distributor of more than 850 owned and third-party premium food, beverage, food service and personal care products. A pioneer in marketing domestic and international products to American consumers since the 1940s, World Finer Foods offers consumers options for every taste and diet, and provides their clients with a team of dedicated best-in-class sales, marketing, sales, trade and logistical experts to grow their brands.

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