Finn Crisp FAQs

Where can I buy Finn Crisp products?

Finn Crisp products are sold at supermarkets such as Whole Foods as well as online at Amazon.  Please use our store locator to find Finn Crisp products at your local stores.

How can I reach a customer service representative?

For product questions, please complete our online contact form or call (973) 338-0300, extension 189.

Where is Finn Crisp located?

As is alluded to in the name, Finn Crisp hails from, and is based in Finland.

Where can I find out more about ingredients and/or nutritional information?

Nutrition facts and a list of ingredients are posted for each individual item on not only our website, but Finn Crisp's as well.

Where can I find recipes with Finn Crispbreads?

You can visit Finn Crisp's official website for recipes at

Where should the crispbreads be stored?

Crispbreads do not need to be refrigerated yet they should be kept in cool, dry places to ensure the best quality product.

What is the nutritional benefit of Finn Crisp using wholegrain?

Grain products are already important as they are a great source of energy, protein and carbohydrates.  Additionally, whole grain adds great health benefits such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

How long are the crispbreads good for after they are opened?

Crispbreads have a recommended shelf life of 12 months, yet flavor gets milder as time goes on.