Where can I buy FINI products?

Supermarkets such as Whole Foods and Fairway carry FINI products, as well as online retailers such as Please use our store locator to find locations in your area.

How can I reach a customer service representative?

For product questions, please complete our online contact form or call (973) 338-0300, extension 189.

Where is FINI located?

FINI is a proud Italy based brand.

Where can I find out more about ingredients and/or nutritional information?

Nutritional information about each individual item can be found on our website under FINI's brand page.

Where can I find recipes with FINI products?

You can visit FINI's official website here for recipes:

What kind of wood casks does FINI use to age their products?

FINI uses many different types of wood to get different results and influences on their products. Some of their casks include Juniper, oak, and chestnut.

What kind of grapes are used in FINI's fantastic balsamics?

FINI mainly uses the best Trebbiano and Lambrusco varieties to produce their incredible balsamics.

Where should the glazes, oils, and vinegars be stored?

FINI products do not need to be refrigerated, yet a cool, dry place is suggested.

Do any of the products contain allergens?

No, FINI products do not contain usual allergens, yet it is still advised to check the list of ingredients on the bottle.