We are excited to announce the launch of Casa FIRELLI Italian Hot Sauce!

September 29, 2021
We are excited to announce the launch of Casa FIRELLI Italian Hot Sauce!

For hot sauce enthusiasts who seek out unique, craft products from around the world, Casa FIRELLI Italian Hot Sauce is THAT hot sauce. Crafted with only the finest ingredients from northern and southern Italy, Casa FIRELLI delivers a flavor profile that is savory, tangy and a little sweet with a cumulative heat effect that doesn’t overwhelm your palate. Shake a few drops on your eggs in the morning, your pizza at lunch, or your pasta with dinner.

  • Classic Italian Flavors: Casa FIRELLI combines Calabrian chili peppers and balsamic vinegar from Italy, the best in the world with other distinct ingredients like sea salt and porcini mushrooms to deliver a product that has the perfect balance of heat and unparalleled flavor
  • Filling a Void in the Market: Despite Italian food being the most popular ethnic cuisine in the world, there are zero leading brands in the Hot Sauce market that provide consumers with the Italian flavors they love, and Casa FIRELLI is prepared to fill that void.
  • Premium Quality Inside & Out: On top of the high quality of ingredients inside the bottle, FIRELLI’s premium design creates the “Wow” factor on retail shelves or restaurant tables for consumers looking for the best quality Hot Sauce to taste and bring home.
  • Consumer Demand: The Hot Sauce Category is one of the fastest growing condiments in the US, expected to pass $3.5B in the next 5 years, and Casa FIRELLI is the perfect fit to round out the premium offerings of any retail set.
  • Growing Category: The hot sauce category has been growing year on year, with 2020 closing at +30%! (Source: IRI Mulo Calendar Year 2020)

Casa FIRELLI is produced by Biggar & Leith, LLC. Founder, Elwyn Gladstone, is a master in Viticulture and Enology, with years of experience driving growth of premium wine & spirits brand.  Partner, Mark Teasdale, is not only an award-winning wine & spirits wholesaler, but he was also responsible driving global growth of the Cholula brand in which the brand doubled its retail market share in five years and saw double digit year over year growth within foodservice

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