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Founded in 1972, in Sonoma California, Mayacamas Fine Foods began producing Mary’s seasoning blends. This soon led to the dry soup mixes, sauces, gravies and skillet tosses we know and love today. As a gluten-free brand, Mayacamas strives to create products that can be enjoyed by all, regardless of dietary factors and health conscious choices. 

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Gravy Mixes
Brown Gravy Mix
UPC 074888303034
Net Weight 0.65 OZ
Chicken Gravy Mix
UPC 074888303027
Net Weight 0.70 oz
Savory Gravy Mix
UPC 074888303041
Net Weight 0.80 oz
Turkey Gravy Mix
UPC 074888303058
Net Weight 0.70 OZ
Alfredo Pasta Sauce
UPC 074888101180
Net Weight 1.00 oz
Bearnaise Sauce
UPC 074888202023
Net Weight 1.00 oz
Hollandaise Sauce Mix
UPC 074888202016
Net Weight 1.00 oz
Pesto Pasta Sauce
UPC 074888101197
Net Weight 0.50 oz
Spices & Seasonings
Taco Seasoning
UPC 074888400061
Net Weight 1.00 oz

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