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When a recipe calls for sherry vinegar, you only need a touch of La Posada’s aged varietals to give your dressing or dish the right amount of flavor.

Where tradition and innovation meet rich and robust flavor. Irreplaceable condiment in universal gastronomy.

Aged in old oak casks, La Posada's line of Sherry Wine Vinegars are products Spain can take pride in. Whether you use it on salads as part of a delicious dressing or in any other dish, La Posada makes sure the best flavors come through.

The gastronomic possibilities stretch as far as your imagination - whether cold or hot dishes or even desserts and ice creams, sherry vinegar is capable of going further than any other. just a few drops transform foods into a celebration for the senses.

Delight palates of all gourmets

Perfect for vinaigrettes, marinades, cold and hot sauces

A standout flavor, color, and aroma


Sherry Wine Vinegar – 12.7 FL OZ
UPC: 072248263004
Net Weight: 12.70 oz
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Sherry Wine Vinegar – 25.4 FL OZ
UPC: 072248263059
Net Weight: 25.40 oz

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