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Family owned and operated since 1797, Clovis is the only authentic French Mustard produced in the Champagne region. Clovis Mustards are non-GMO and gluten free contain no preservatives, additives or sugar.

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Clovis Herbs De Provence Mustard
UPC 888513981586
Net Weight 7.00 OZ
Clovis Original Dijon Mustard
UPC 888513951589
Net Weight 7.00 OZ
Clovis Tarragon Mustard
UPC 888513971587
Net Weight 7.00 OZ
Clovis Whole Grain Mustard
UPC 888513961588
Net Weight 7.00 OZ
Honey Dijon Mustard
UPC 888513102158
Net Weight 7.00 OZ
Truffle Flavored Mustard
UPC 888513682582
Net Weight 7.00 oz

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