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A hot sauce is one thing, but a creamy hot sauce is over the top.  Especially righteous on tacos, pizza, burgers, chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, fish, veggies, soup or salads.

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Hot Sauce
Buffalo Cayenne Creamy Hot Sauce
UPC 816277020012
Net Weight 9.00 OUNCE
Cilantro Serrano Creamy Hot Sauce
UPC 816277020067
Net Weight 9.00 OUNCES
Garlic Hatch Creamy Hot Sauce
UPC 816277020043
Net Weight 9.00 OUNCES
Honey Chipotle Creamy Hot Sauce
UPC 816277020036
Net Weight 9.00 OUNCES
Lime Jalapeno Creamy Hot Sauce
UPC 816277020050
Net Weight 9.00 OUNCES
Original Creamy Street Sauce
UPC 816277020005
Net Weight 9.00 OUNCE

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