La Perruche FAQs

Where can I buy La Perruche products?

La Perruche sugars can be bought online at retailers such as and  Please use our store locator to find locations in your area.

How can I reach a customer service representative?

For product questions, please complete our online contact form or call (973) 338-0300, extension 189.

Where is La Perruche located?

La Perruche sugars are located in France, yet they source their sugar from a number of different countries such as Swaziland, Mozambique, Guyana, Dominican Republic and Brazil.

Where can I find out more about ingredients and/or nutritional information?

Nutritional information about each La Perruche product can be found on our website under La Perruche's brand page.

Where can I find La Perruche recipes?

Recipes that use La Perruche sugars can be found at, "" under the "for the gourmet" tab.