New World Finer Foods Website Positions Brands and Products for Changing Grocery Landscape

August 17, 2017
New World Finer Foods Website Positions Brands and Products for Changing Grocery Landscape

BLOOMFIELD, New Jersey – World Finer Foods has developed a brand-new website,, that puts its owned and third-party brands front-and-center for distributors, retailers, and consumers. The new site offers comprehensive information for over 56 brands and 1000 products, including nutritional details, retail, wholesale, and online purchase information, product promotions, and recipe ideas to fit every diet and lifestyle.

The website has been designed to provide each of the company’s brands an online home geared towards trade and consumer audiences across the U.S. market. There is a robust filtering tool that allows users to select dietary concerns, brand attributes, or special certifications like non-GMO, organic or kosher and search for brands and products that meet those needs.  

“We recognize that consumers have very specific needs and we have a wealth of products that meet those across our range of brands,” noted Susan Guerin, World Finer Food’s CEO. “This site gives them information and access to product information and purchase info with a few clicks. In addition, it allows our brands, both new and emergent, to have a strong web presence as we help them build their markets in the U.S.”

The site uses the industry-leading IX-ONE product data and image exchange to drive the searchable product information throughout the site. This includes the ability to rotate a product image 360 degrees, zoom-in on certification and nutrition details, and provides product and display specifications for supply chain professionals.

Each brand can customize their page with iconic brand and product images, their logo and custom colors. They have the ability to develop a FAQ, a news feed, and promotional offers, all in coordination with their World Finer Food marketing manager.

The site also adapts well to tablet and mobile usage, with clear navigation to all content, product locators and buy-now options, shopper promotions and links to each brand’s page with company and product details. Their English-language website, if available, and their social media channels are also accessible.  

Guerin added, “This new site demonstrates our commitment to building our brands here in the U.S. and meeting the challenge of the changing grocery landscape – giving people the most-up-to-date-information at their fingertips and options to shop online or in-store.”

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World Finer Foods (WFF), based in Bloomfield, New Jersey, is a leading distributor of more than 850 owned and third-party premium food, beverage, food service and personal care products. A pioneer in marketing domestic and international products to American consumers since the 1940s, World Finer Foods offers consumers options for every taste and diet, and provides their clients with a team of dedicated best-in-class sales, marketing, sales, trade and logistical experts to grow their brands.

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