Pero FAQs

Where can I buy Pero products?

Pero is carried in person at stores such as Whole Foods, and online at retailers such as Amazon and Please use our store locator to find locations in your area.

How can I reach a customer service representative?

For product questions, please complete our online contact form or call (973) 338-0300, extension 189.

Where is Pero located?

Pero coffee substitute is imported from Germany.

Where can I find out more about ingredients and/or nutritional information?

Nutritional information concerning Pero Coffee Substitute can be found on our website on Pero's brand page.

Where should Pero coffee substitute be stored?

It can be stored at room temperature as it does not need to be refrigerated, yet should be stored in a cool, dry place if possible.

Is Pero coffee substitute low acidity?

Yes, which makes this caffeine free drink easy to enjoy during the morning, noon or night without the fear of an upset stomach.

How much potassium and phosphorus are in Pero coffee substitute?

There is 13 mg of potassium per 100 ml of Pero.

Do you have information on fiber content?

100 g Pero contains 8 g of dietary fibers, which equals a content of 0.176 g per cup (when prepared with 2.2 g Pero).

Is Pero coffee substitute gluten free?

Pero beverage does contain grains. After checking with the manufacturer, we have confirmed that Pero does contain a very small amount of gluten in the range of 376 mg per 1 kg ( 2.2 lbs of product ).