Monari Federzoni FAQs

Where can I buy Monari products?

Monari items can be found at a multitude of supermarkets such as Fairway and Shoprite as well as online retailers such as Amazon. Please use our store locator to find locations in your area.

How can I reach a customer service representative?

For product questions, please complete our online contact form or call (973) 338-0300, extension 189.

Where is Monari located?

Balsamic vinegars and glazes are thought of as distinctly Italian, which is also where Monari is located.

Where can I find out more about ingredients and/or nutritional information?

Nutrition facts and information about each individual Monari item can be found on our website on Monari's brand page.

What is the difference between the balsamic vinegar and glaze?

The difference is that balsamic glazes are used when you need a thickening agent compared to the liquid version of the taste found in balsamic vinegars.

Are Monari balsamics USDA organic?

Only the white-gold series of Monari glazes are USDA organic certified.  The other products by Monari are not organic.

Should the vinegars be stored in the refrigerator?

These vinegars and glazes do not need to be refrigerated, but should be kept in cool, dry places.