Mazzetti Wins 2022 sofi™ New Product Award

Mazzetti Wins 2022

Mazzetti Wins 2022 sofi™ New Product Award

Nearly 2,000 Products Competed for the Top Specialty Food Association Award


We are excited to announce that Mazzetti Black Label Balsamic Vinegar won the Specialty Food Association’s sofi Award for New Product in the Vinegars category! The sofi Awards have been celebrating innovation and great taste since 1972 and we are honored to receive this spotlight and recognition.



Mazzetti Black Label Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Thanks to its 3-year barrel aging, our Black Label absorbs all the complex wood notes from our oak barrels and develops an intense, sweet, and rich taste with a deliciously thick consistency. Our balsamic vinegars are blended to perfection, only using wine vinegar and the highest levels of grape must. The Black Label is perfect to add a drop of inspiration to any dish, from specialty cheese to even ice cream.


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