elRio Mexican Food

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Hot Nacho Cheese Sauce 15oz.
  • Hot Nacho Cheese Sauce 15oz.
  • upc: 0-70670-00241-3
Heat up any party with el Rio HOT Nacho Cheese Sauce.
Mild Nacho Cheese Sauce 15oz.
  • Mild Nacho Cheese Sauce 15oz.
  • upc: 0-70670-00242-0
el Rio Nacho Cheese sauce is the family favorite for every fiesta.
Nacho Cheese Sauce 15oz.
  • Nacho Cheese Sauce 15oz.
  • upc: 0-70670-00245-1
For more traditonal heat try el Rio MILD Cheese Sauce on your nachos.
Pinto Beans Plain 15oz.
  • Pinto Beans Plain 15oz.
  • upc: 0-70670-00213-0
El Rio Pinto Beans combines best of both, a creamy pink texture and a delicious meaty flavor in a single serving of authentic Mexican dishes. Serve it with great testing rice, stews and soups to create virtually high quality protein meal.
Refried Beans 1lb.
  • Refried Beans 1lb.
  • upc: 0-70670-00214-7
El Rio Refried Beans can complement any Mexican-style meal. Use delicately cooked and mashed El Rio Refried beans to prepare to prepare that restaurant style quick and easy dips, enchiladas or tacos.
Refried Black Beans 1lb.
  • Refried Black Beans 1lb.
  • upc: 0-70670-00256-7
El Rio Black Beans is lightly salted and has perfect combination of sweat and meaty flavor of beans which is perfect to prepare quick black beans and rice on those lazy weekday nights. The El Rio Black Bean is a great ingredient to thicken your soups and stews and to add delicious authentic Mexican flavors with ease.
Fish Taco Sauce 10oz.
  • Fish Taco Sauce 10oz.
  • upc: 0-70670-00294-9
El Rio Fish Taco Sauce, Baja Style, comes in an easy squeeze bottle and allows you to recreate restaurant-style Fish Tacos in your own home!
Peeled Green Chili Whole 4.0oz.
  • Peeled Green Chili Whole 4.0oz.
  • upc: 0-70670-00224-6
El Rio Green Chilis whether Diced or Whole bring a dynamite flavor to any dish.
Chopped Green Chili 4.0oz.
  • Diced Green Chili 4.0oz.
  • upc: 0-70670-00230-7
El Rio Diced Green Chilis bring a dynamite flavor to any dish.
Jalapenos Diced 4.0oz.
  • Jalapenos Diced 4.0oz.
  • upc: 0-70670-00310-6
El Rio Diced Japenos add convenience and can be used in many, many dishes.
Spanish Rice 15oz.
  • Spanish Rice 15oz.
  • upc: 0-70670-00218-5
Save yourself time and add authentic flavor to any Mexican meal with el Rio Spanish Rice.
Hot Tamales 15oz.
  • Hot Tamales 15oz.
  • upc: 0-70670-00239-0
Wrapped in traditional paper and with delicious chil sauce who can resist an el Rio Hot Tamale!
Mild Enchilada Sauce Red 15oz.
  • Mild Enchilada Sauce Red 15oz.
  • upc: 0-70670-00202-4
Choose your heat: either Hot or Mild el Rio Enchilada Sauces make the perfect fiesta enchilada.
Hot Dog Sauce with Beef 15oz.
  • Hot Dog Sauce with Beef 15oz.
  • upc: 0-70670-00228-4
Take your favorite dog south of the border for a trip to Mexico as a Hot Dog in el Rio Chili Sauce with beef.
Taco Shells 12ct. 4.5oz.
  • Taco Shells 12ct. 4.5oz.
  • upc: 0-70670-00236-9
According to ancient Mexican technique, dried corn kernels are cooked with water and limestone, then ground into a dough called masa. With this traditional process in mind, el Rio has made these authentic tasting Taco Shells.
Fajita Mix Foil Packet 1.0oz.
  • Fajita Mix Foil Packet 1.0oz.
  • upc: 0-70670-00208-6
el Rio Fajita seasoning mix makes your fajita's sing with the perfect combination of Mexican spices.
Burrito Foil Packet 1.5oz.
  • Burrito Foil Packet 1.5oz.
  • upc: 0-70670-00252-9
For a can't miss Burrito start with el Rio Burrito Seasoning Mix.
Enchilada Foil Packet 1.625oz.
  • Enchilada Foil Packet 1.625oz.
  • upc: 0-70670-00272-7
To make an outstanding enchilada start with el Rio Enchilada seasoning mix.
Taco Foil Packet 1.25oz.
  • Taco Foil Packet 1.25oz.
  • upc: 0-70670-00273-4
It isn't a taco unless it has el Rio Taco Seasoning mix.
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