DaVinci Italian Foods - Traditional Pasta

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  • Bucatini
  • upc: 0-70670-00700-5
Imported from Italy, DaVinci Bucatini is a thick spaghetti-like pasta with a hole running through the center. Resembling a drinking straw, DaVinci Bucatini is an ideal pasta to serve with dense and hardy sauces.
  • Radiatori
  • upc: 0-70670-00701-2
DaVinci Radiatori is made of all natural durum wheat and has a shape that resembles the grill of a radiator. This whimsical shape with nooks and crannies makes compliment thick and chunky sauces.
  • Stars
  • upc: 0-70670-00704-3
DaVinci Pasta Stars is perfect for creating delicious, quick and easy soups for your family. Your family will create their own walk of fame for your cooking successes with DaVinci stars.
Small Shells
  • Small Shells
  • upc: 0-70670-00706-7
Imported from Italy, DaVinci Small Shell pasta is formed in the shape of a shell that holds up to solid, chunky sauces. The scooped shape of this pasta creates a sauce reservoir, providing an enjoyable burst of flavors in your mouth when you bite into the pasta.
  • Ditalini
  • upc: 0-70670-00707-4
DaVinci Ditalini is shaped like a small tube with ridges and is well suited for tomato and cream dishes. Of course, soups are the traditional use for Ditalini, and tradition is what DaVinci is all about.
  • Fettuccine
  • upc: 0-70670-00722-7
DaVinci Fettuccine is made from durum wheat which provides the al dente texture of classic Italian pasta. The long, thick ribbon-like shape of this pasta is suitable for a wide range of sauces, but is perhaps most widely used for Fettuccine Alfredo.
  • Linguine
  • upc: 0-70670-00723-4
DaVinci Linguine ensures a great "pasta and clam" dish every time. Enjoy this traditional pasta with simple ingredients like garlic and oil, or be adventurous and discover your own passion for Italian cooking.
Angel Hair
  • Angel Hair
  • upc: 0-70670-00724-1
Imported from Italy, DaVinci Angel Hair pasta has a long, thin and delicate shape that pairs well with light and airy sauces. The ingredients and time used to make this pasta allow for minimal breakage during the cooking process.
Thin Spaghetti
  • Thin Spaghetti
  • upc: 0-70670-00725-8
Reminiscent of a fine Italian work of art, DaVinci Thin Spaghetti provides the most flattering of bases for an authentic Italian meal. DaVinci is a pasta you can feel good about serving to your entire family.
  • Spaghetti
  • upc: 0-70670-00726-5
DaVinci Spaghetti is made with the finest durum wheat semolina, and is the perfect partner to your favorite meatball dish. Perhaps the most versatile of all our cuts, DaVinci Spaghetti works with just about any recipe to create a personal Italian masterpiece.
  • Rigatoni
  • upc: 0-70670-00727-2
DaVinci Rigatoni uses 100% durum wheat semolina that helps keep the chewy and nutty texture of pasta even if overcooked. The Rigatoni is tube shaped with ridges on the outer surface which holds cheese and sauces and is particularly suited for baking recipes.
  • Fusilli-Springs
  • upc: 0-70670-00728-9
DaVinci Fusilli – Springs is one of those pasta shapes that make you feel good about serving it to your family. The texture and shape of this pasta makes it perfect to be baked into casseroles, used in pasta salad, and added to soups.
Penne Rigate
  • Penne Rigate
  • upc: 0-70670-00729-6
DaVinci Penne Rigate is made with the finest ingredients to serve the perfect authentic Italian pasta. Resembling the end of a quill pen, DaVinci Penne Rigate is a thin tube-like shape with sharp cut at the ends to compliment virtually every sauce, chunky meat or vegetables and even heavy creams.
  • Gnocchi
  • upc: 0-70670-00730-2
DaVinci Gnocchi, imported from Italy, is shaped like a “knot in the wood” and made of durum wheat semolina to ensure the el dente texture of classic Italian pasta. The little dumplings are classic accompaniments of tomato sauces, pesto, and melted butter with cheese.
Sea Shells
  • Sea Shells
  • upc: 0-70670-00731-9
DaVinci Sea Shells resembles the shape of real shells on the sea shore and is excellent for catching different types of heavy to light sauces for your Italian dishes. DaVinci Sea Shells use a traditional process of air drying to ensure the consistent al dente texture perfect for creating healthy summer salads and baked dishes.
Wagon Wheels
  • Wagon Wheels
  • upc: 0-70670-00732-6
DaVinci Wagon Wheels pasta truly reassembles the shape of wagon wheels with ridges on the surface. DaVinci Wagon Wheels pasta is made with 100% durum semolina so that you can feel good about serving this pasta to your family, and is especially appealing to kids.
  • Orzo
  • upc: 0-70670-00733-3
DaVinci Orzo pasta is made and imported from Italy and has a shape like a grain of rice. DaVinci Orzo pasta is very versatile, and a host of recipes call for this extraordinary shape.
Acini Di Pepe
  • Acini Di Pepe
  • upc: 0-70670-00734-0
DaVinci Acini Di Pepe is a form of pasta which looks like tiny pearls and works well with soups and cold salad. The name may not be well known, but the authenticity of DaVinci is well known. Trust the best to make the best.
  • Bowties
  • upc: 0-70670-00735-7
DaVinci Bowtie pasta is made from the finest durum semolina wheat giving it a chewy, robust flavor fit of a true Italian pasta. The shape is not only popular among kids but also with adults because of its versatility in a range of dishes and casseroles.
  • Alphabet
  • upc: 0-70670-00737-1
DaVinci Pasta Alphabets are cut and pressed into shapes of letters alphabets which bring back those childhood memories. Spell out the word SUCCESS with DaVinci Alphabet pasta.
Cut Ziti
  • Cut Ziti
  • upc: 0-70670-00740-1
Imported from Italy, DaVinci Cut Ziti pasta uses 100% durum wheat semolina which helps the pasta hold its shape while cooking or boiling in your favorite soup. The small tubular shape of this pasta is also suitable for baking and to add delicious dense flavors into your stews.
  • Rotini
  • upc: 0-70670-00741-8
DaVinci Rotini uses the traditional, time honored process of warm air drying to serve up exceptional, delicious Italian meals everyday. The corkscrew shape of this pasta is perfect for any type of pasta salad and can also be paired deliciously with meat, seafood or vegetables.
  • Twists
  • upc: 0-70670-00745-6
DaVinci Pasta Twists is a distinctive short tube pasta with curls which gives it an "interesting twist". The shape of this pasta is particularly well-suited with meat sauces, as the twisted shape can hold chunks of meat in addition to sauce.
Elbow Macaroni
  • Elbow Macaroni
  • upc: 0-70670-00746-3
DaVinci Elbow Macaroni uses 100% durum wheat semolina so that you can enjoy your family’s favorite Macaroni & Cheese with the delicate flavors of authentic Italian pasta. The tubular shape of this pasta can be paired with your heavy meat sauces and also less dense tomato sauces.